Flair Espresso

At Next, we believe that happiness is about enjoying the good moments in life - a sunrise, a hug, a perfect cup of espresso. And if the repeatability of some things is not entirely up to us, with Flair machines, we guarantee you a great espresso every day. With Flair, you don't just make coffee with boring button-pushing, you create your cup of espresso using the power of your hands and controlling every step. All it takes is hot water and your favorite Coffee to keep you entertained at any time of day no matter where you are.

Flair machines were born from the efforts of an inventor and a passionate coffee lover. They appeared on the market with a basic model, which quickly began to be upgraded to meet the demands of rapidly increasing users. Each successive machine offered new features and benefits. But the common denominator remains - they are compact, with a sleek modern design and uncompromising quality, always ready to help you achieve the ideal of pure and delicious espresso.

If the journey to this ideal is as precious to you as the destination - choose Flair as your faithful companion on the road to the perfect espresso!