Bossa Nova Single Origin - Peru

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CHF 12.00

Bossa nova was born when jazz harmonies tamed the lush rhythms of traditional Brazilian music.

Our special coffee offers the perfect symbiosis of intense flavor and natural sweetness. The fruity taste transforms into rich dark chocolate to leave a pleasantly mellow sensation of calm and comfort.

As the sun sets over the coffee plantations in San Martin, a gentle melody fills the air. A farmer plays the saxophone, its bluesy notes weaving through the trees and chasing away the day's fatigue. A young girl joins in, singing traditional Quechua melodies. Back home, the family gathers, their faces lit by the warm glow as they listen to the music and savor the rich flavors of the coffee. This is the essence of our coffee: a harmonious blend of taste and music that uplifts your soul.

Peru,  San Martin

100% Arabica

Variety: Catimor, Caturra, Typica
Process: Washed
Taste profile: Dark Chocolate, Peach, Plum
Roasting: Medium

Altitude: 1700 m.

Best for: