Bossa Nova Single Origin - Brazil

CHF 12.00

Bossa nova was born when the harmonies of jazz tamed the lush rhythms of traditional Brazilian music.

Our special coffee offers the perfect symbiosis of intense flavour and natural sweetness. The taste of cocoa intertwines with that of hazelnut and molasses to leave a pleasantly mellow sensation of calm and comfort.

This coffee comes from Cerrado, Brazil. Cerrado Federation of Coffee Growers is known for their modern ecological investments and fair wages for workers. They are committed to social and educational projects in the region, and all employees receive training in occupational safety, first aid and wildlife conservation.

Brazil,  Cerrado Mineiro

100% Arabica

Variety: Catuai Amarelo
Process: Pulped natural
Taste profile: Cocoa, Nuts, Molasses  
Roasting: Medium

Altitude: 1100 m.


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