Funk Single origin - Ethiopia

CHF 14.00


In Ethiopia, birbirsa is "a tree that lives long and has widely spreading branches". Under its generous shade, one of the finest and most aromatic coffees is grown. Many people take great care to ensure that their red beans are perfectly processed by performing many operations by hand and creating special conditions for drying and washing.

This batch comes from 21 small farms whose workers are committed not only to growing and processing the coffee properly but also to maintaining the local transport network that provides access to schools for children.

Funk will caress your palate with the delicate taste of peach enriched with a hint of white chocolate and floral aroma.

Ethiopia, Guji

100% Arabica

Variety: Gibirinna, Serto
Process: Natural
Taste profile: Peach, white chocolate, flowers
Roasting: Medium

Best for: