NanoFoamer™ Pro

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CHF 175.00
Your ultimate microfoam companion
Elevate your coffee experience with the NanoFoamer™ Pro - the automatic milk frother that redefines convenience and quality. Suitable for both milk and plant-based alternatives, this revolutionary device transforms your drinks into velvety-smooth creations at the touch of a button.
The NanoFoamer™ Pro makes barista-quality micro-milk froth without the need for an espresso machine.
The NanoFoamer™ Pro has three flow controls and five presets that allow you to adjust the thickness and smoothness of the froth to perfection.
The NanoFoamer™ Pro was developed to complement your Flair espresso machine. It heats and froths your milk alternative effortlessly and brings out the full flavor of your favorite drinks.
Increase your coffee enjoyment today!