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Symphony Single origin - Next Specialty Coffee
Symphony Single origin - Next Specialty Coffee

Symphony Single origin

CHF 15.00
Colombia, Caldas - Anserma

100% Arabica

Variety: Castillo
Process: Natural
Taste profile: Mango, Blackberry, Papaya
Roasting: Medium

Altitude: 1700 m.

Best for: 


.The Anserma cooperative is located in the western part of the Kaldas district. It is an agricultural area that is famous for coffee cultivation.
Anserma has 2083 associate growers who grow excellent quality coffee with dedication and passion. In addition to coffee, they also grow crops such as sugar cane and bananas to supplement their income. The cooperative invested in a Nuna coffee drying box that can control the temperature and humidity needed to dry the coffee.
These boxes were first introduced in Colombia to help combat the extremely difficult daily changing weather conditions in the Colombian Andes that make coffee production difficult. At the beginning of this project, the cooperative selected several local growers who are known for the quality of their produce to buy cherries from them above the normal market price. They then set up a sorting station to pick the ripest cherries and have uniformity. The variety used in this batch is Castillo. After picking and sorting, the coffee is placed in the drying box where it is dried at 35-40 degrees for about 100-120 hours.