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According to many experts, the Flair 58+ sets a new gold standard in manual espresso machines. The lever is professional grade and improves the workflow of home high-pressure coffee extraction. The 58 model also includes specific improvements, such as the integrated preheating function by providing a temperature controller. Simply set the brew head to one of three settings to ensure proper preheating and thermal control when brewing each cup of coffee.

Essentially, the Flair 58+ is the same machine as the Flair 58 but takes the experience even further by adding some appealing accessories. Most notably, the Flair 58+ is a stylish piece of equipment that would enhance the aesthetic of any kitchen. It features dark wood handles (walnut), all-black screws, and a black manometer face. Additionally, the box includes a palm tamper made of the same wood and a shot mirror. Furthermore, in addition to the standard low-flow portafilter basket found in the Flair 58, the Flair 58+ also includes a high-flow basket that allows for shots even closer to those produced by classic professional espresso machines.

 Flair 58 Plus Espresso Maker Features

Standard 58mm Portafilter with luxury Walnut Handle

16-20g low-flow basket (compatible with standard 58mm baskets)

16-20g high-flow basket (compatible with standard 58mm baskets)

Preheating of the group head

T-Grip Lever Handle with Walnut elements

Stainless steel components for a plastic-free brew path



Materials: Die-CAst Premium Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Wooden Portafilter

Portafilter Capacity: 16-22g

Brews: 50-60ml

Power: 48W

Assembled Dimensions (cm): (L) 35.5 x (W) 19 x (H) 29 (lever down) 61 (lever up)

Assembled Weight: 3.6 kg.

Portafilter Size: 58mm 


In the Box

  • Flair 58 Base
  • Flair 58 Lever Assembly
  • Flair 58 Brew Head
  • Flair 58 Pressure Gauge with Stainless Steel Stem
  • 2 pcs. 58mm Portafilter and 16-20 g basket
  • Preheat Controller (PCB Controller, Power Supply Box, Wall Outlet)
  • Palm Walnut 58mm Tamper
  • Flair 58 Preheat Cap
  • Flair 58 Drip Tray
  • Flair Puck Screen
  • New shot mirror


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