Next Specialty Coffee Test Set


Make a gift to yourself and reward your senses with our unique coffee tastes!

In the Next Specialty Coffee Taste Set, you will find our top six coffees. There is coffee for every taste - more traditional and chocolaty Blues and Rock'n'Roll; the fruity and fresh Funk and Jazz; the mild and silky Bossa Nova; and the rich and complex Symphony.

Try them all, prepared the way you want: we love them all as creamy espresso, but Aeropress, the french press would also be great!

For filter, we recommend especially Funk, Jazz, and Symphony.

We would love to know your experience and comments.

Once you shortlist your favorite, you easily subscribe to it and enjoy it without any effort.

What's in the Test Set:

50 g. Symphony Single origin 

50 g. Jazz Single origin 

50 g. Funk Single origin 

50 g. Bossa Nova Single origin

50 g. Blues Specialty blend

50 g. Rock'n'roll Specialty blend