Symphony Single origin - Colombia


Translated from the ancient Greek "symphony" means harmony. The musical effect is produced not by the individual instrument but by the harmonious combination of all the instruments. 

Our coffee has a beautifully balanced taste with fruity nuances that intertwine in perfect harmony. It comes from the village of Anserma in the western Caldas region of Colombia, known for growing rare coffee varieties. The local cooperative brings together 2083 producers who invest in a special coffee drying unit that controls temperature and humidity. For the 'Castillo' variety, the ripest beans are used, dried for 100-120 hours at 35-40 degrees.

Colombia, Caldas - Anserma

100% Arabica

Variety: Castillo
Process: Natural
Taste profile: Mango, Blackberry, Papaya
Roasting: Medium

Altitude: 1700 m.

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