3-in-1 58mm Portafilter

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140.00 лв

The 3-in-1 58mm portafilter, featuring a single and double spout as well as a rotating portafilter floor.

Perfect when you want to brew bottomless for when you’re looking to diagnose the shot or just want to enjoy the aesthetics with a shot mirror, you can brew with a single spout when it’s just you and you don’t want to risk having to wipe up the press stand or counter afterwards, or whip out the double spout when you’re entertaining other coffee friends.

The box contains one bottomless portafilter, one portafilter floor, one single and one double spout attachments*. The floor is friction fit, and you can press down from the inside to release and up from the bottom to install. Spouts screw on and off. 

*This product does not include a portafilter basket.