Flair Brew Scale

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The Flair Brew Scale seamlessly fits between the oval bases of all Flair espresso makers, catering from the NEO Flex to the 58. It's an ideal companion for coffee enthusiasts seeking consistently delicious and replicable espresso shots.

Espresso brewing often faces challenges with volumetric measurements, as traditional methods like scoops or shot glasses with volume markings may not provide accurate results when following specific recipes. The Flair Brew Scale addresses this issue by offering precise measurements down to 0.1g, along with convenient auto-tare and auto-time functions to ensure your brews are consistently accurate.

This scale features three modes to suit different brewing techniques:

  1. Pre-Infusion Mode for extended brewing times, suitable for recipes requiring long holds and blooms.
  2. Auto Mode for a seamless transition from slow ramps to pressure without pre-infusion steps.
  3. Manual Mode for complete control over timing and taring during brewing, ideal for various brewing methods like filter coffee.

Key Features of the Flair Brew Scale include its versatile brewing modes, hidden LCD display, water-resistant design, accurate measurements, large capacity, rechargeable battery with USB Type-C, and a convenient auto-off feature to save battery power.